Syri i Vizionit

“Syri i Vizionit” aims to promote local democracy and participation of Kosovo people. In its continuous efforts for democratic practices “Syri i Vizionit” gave a special role to promotion of good governance, accountability, transparency and public participation in decision-making.

In line with these objectives, since its establishment in 1999 NGO Syri i Vizionit has intervened with around 100 project in various sectors of the society, including: society’s democratization, peace-building, promotion of human rights, civil society empowerment, monitoring of institutions, economic development, urban mobility, social dialogue, networking with other organizations, etc. that are implemented with activities of the organization and through networks with partners. 

Training on gender budgeting in the Municipality of Peja

With the support of the EU and the implementation of the project by the UNDR and the NGO Syri i Vizionit in Peja, Wednesday March 19 has been...more

Public consultation on Open Government Partnership

Peja, 12 March- Governmental Organization ‘’ Eye of Vision’’ in collaboration with FOL movement as members of the Coordination...more

SEED project for educational and employment development in the region

Since January 2014, a project that deals with vocational education in the southwestern region of Kosovo, has begun to implement. SEED program...more