think globally,
act locally



In 2007 the organization was expanded and was engaged in a large number of projects. This year the budget of the organization had reached almost 300 thousand dollars, while the number of donors has reached 24, which helped to create a greater independence of the organization and its expansion in many areas of action where Kosovar society needed, enabling the organization that in the coming years to be more oriented in certain sectors by self interest. In various projects were actively engaged a number of more than 10 persons employed permanently, and with special projects and short-term commitments were engaged hundreds of people.

This year, ten organizations that included "Syri i Vizionit" created the NGO coalition "Democracy in action" in order to monitor the elections in Kosovo. This was a very extensive undertaking that led to the establishment of the role of civil society in Kosovo and had a direct impact on the democratization of politics and improvement of the electoral process.
Another important aspect of commitment in this area was the creation of an informal coalition for clean parliament. This coalition that was created in the verge of parliamentary and local elections of 2007, intended to influence the creation of a clean parliament. This was done through a survey of which was published a brochure with information for all candidates who were called unworthy for the Kosovo Parliament. The survey showed that about 50 names of candidates are proposed which have a suspected past and do not deserve to be in the Assembly. This has helped the citizens to become aware of the background of these candidates and that a good part of them not to be elected on the 2007 elections.
Eye of Vision simultaneously with another project, campaigned for greater participation of citizens in elections.

In the function of democracy and transparency, in a joint project with Father Lawrence Mazreku from Peja and with the M.A. of Peja, was drafted a regulation which afterwards was approved in the assembly of Peja that obligates the municipality for more transparency. Also together with the municipality was worked on urban planning in the locality Zatra that by this time had the status of informal settlement.
The above activities led to the creation of a new image for the organization and increased enormously the number of activists and citizens engaged directly in projects.
In activities in support of projects of partner organizations during the year were prepared and held several events and debates by EOV: with ATRC and the ministry of agriculture and forestry to create awareness for the protection of forests in Kosovo, with FIQ was treated the issue of security in Kosovo, etc. But along these, continued activities that were planned in the past years within KIP, projects in "September 7", Llazoviq, Kasneci, project with websites of municipalities, etc. that were started a year ago and are continuing this year.