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Mitrovicë Mayor, Agim Bahtiri, talks to children about the issue of violence in schools


Mitrovicë, 23 October - In the framework of the “Week Against Child Violence” campaign, the nongovernmental organization Syri i Vizionit from Pejë in partnership with Save the Children organization, organized a public debate of Mitrovicë Mayor Agim Bahtiri with the children of this municipality, where the only topic of the debate was: “What has the Municipality of Mitrovicë done, and what should it do to protect children from violence and improve their situation.”
Mayor of this Municipality, Bahtiri, said that the municipality and he personally is in favour of bringing in professional teachers in schools and increase the quality of education and improve work conditions.
“We will not allow anyone at any time to exercise violence against you, because you are the future of this country, which will work and govern better than we that are currently in positions,” Bahtiri said.
He also called on children not to hesitate to contact him and his cabinet when they are subjected to violence, or when they are aware that someone is exercising violence against other children. He said that the state must do more for improvement of children’s position and congratulated Syri i Vizionit and Save the Children organizations for the work they are doing to improve children’s position, and for the assistance that they are providing to institutions in this municipality.
On the other hand, aside from expressing their gratitude to the Mayor and organizations for such a debated with the Municipal Mayor, they called on Mitrovicë Mayor to complete school cabinets with the necessary assets and help children of families with social assistance, in particular those coming from the Roma, Egyptian and Ashkali communities.
Mayor Bahtiri and director of education Pajazit Hajzeri pledged that they will provide better conditions for children in all the schools of this municipality, and they will never allow violence, discrimination or any other phenomenon that violates or denies children’s right to find room in schools.
“Week Against Violence” was organized under the auspices of “Together for children rights” project that is implemented by NGO Syri i Vizionit in partnership with Save the Children in several municipalities of Kosovo.