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“Support to education in Pejë region” project is being implemented in Pejë


Pejë, 23 October- During the months of September and October, Syri i Vizionit is implementing the “Support to education in Pejë region” project in this municipality. Supported by the Austrian Development Agency - ADA, the project aims to support teachers and students of secondary school of economy “Ali Hadri” to improve teaching in this institution.
They have continuously had lack of textbooks for teaching the hosting and tourism and subjects. The project supports teachers of this school in drafting necessary textbooks/manuals for the teaching process in this school, which will be available to students as of the first semester of this school year.
In cooperation with the Municipal Education Directorate in Pejë, a team of foreign experts has been engaged with the professors to draft the texts. Three texts will be completed during November: “Organisation of work in hosting” under the responsibility of MSc Teuta Kryeziu, “Service in hosting” from Mustafë Camaj and “Organisation of the hosting enterprise” from Agon Hoxhaj.