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Awarding of certificates for participants of Capacity Building Program


Istog, 29 January – In the framework of the project for development of Istog funded by the European Union Office in Kosovo, which is being implemented by NGO Syri i Vizionit in co-operation with the Municipality of Istog, SiV certified  34 participants of the Capacity Building Program. The program aimed at building capacities and skills of Istog development stakeholders: municipal officials, businesses and nongovernmental organizations.
Three different modules were developed in the framework of this program: Development of strategic skills for capacity building of businesses; Grants and opportunities in Kosovo, and empowerment of business/organization in Istog. Trainings were held during 2015.

Participants in these trainings had the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience from different professionals and experts, thus transferring this knowledge to Municipality of Istog’s work and efficiency. This project is important and it provides new opportunities for Istog. Capacity building of stakeholders directly impacts on Istog’s development; it strengthens and supports private sector, municipal officials and the civil society.

NGO Syri i Vizionit officer, Abedin Imami, expressed his gratitude to all participants for their presence. “We have made efforts to select professional trainers and experts of different fields to build the skills of Istog’s development agents”, Imami underlined. He also said that ‘interest and active participation of Istog’s key stakeholders makes this program even more successful.’

Capacity Building Program in part of the project titled “Agro-tourism business and infrastructure support to enhance and promote Istog's economic development business potentials, as well as generate growth and sustainable jobs for better future.” The key objective is this project is to strengthen and promote local economic development with special focus on increase and foster of competitiveness and achievement of potentials by the businesses and local organizations for generation of jobs and local economy growth.