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Forum with successful women in politics, business and civil society


Pejë, 15 June- The nongovernmental organisation Syri i Vizionit organised a forum for exchange of experiences “Successful women in politics, business and civil society,” where about 40 women from the municipalities of Dukagjini region discussed women empowerment and their more active role in society.

The three panel members, Mimoza Kusari-Lila, Mayor of the Municipality of Gjakovë, Linda Shala from “Data Project Electronics” company, and Ariana Qosaj-Mustafa from KIPRED Institute and Kosovo Women’s Network brought their successful experience in these three sectors: politics, business and civil society.

In front of an audience composed of active women in various fields and active communities in municipalities and rural areas, the three panel members presented their path toward success, as well as they engaged for a joint action for women empowerment and giving a more active role to women.

The activity was organised in the framework of the Project for support of women, which Syri i Vizionit with the financial support from USAID/ATRC is implementing in four municipalities of the region: Pejë, Istog, Deçan and Junik, where groups of women from politics, business and civil society are actively working on women empowerment and creation of conditions for promotion of woman’s role in all processes.

The initiative to draft a publication that will present successful women in the region with the aim to promote them to a wider public was taken at this meeting.