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Follow-up sessions of positive parenting held


Peja, Gjakova, 07 February - The follow-up sessions were held with the parents’ focus groups of primary and lower secondary schools “Zekeria Rexha” and “Yll Morina” in Gjakova and “Ramiz Sadiku” in Peja, which were previously trained in positive discipline in daily parenting. This session is part of monitoring and evaluation to see and measure parents’ changes and approaches after three months of having gone through the training on positive discipline.
Parents said they were very much satisfied with the knowledge gained from the positive disciplining and the changes they have started to practice with their children, as, according to them, this new approach to working with children is much better and more acceptable for children and them, than the methodology they used earlier.
Some parents told their experiences with the reactions that their children had in their communication or relationship with them. Furthermore, according to them, this has also influenced in their vocabulary and their parenting behaviour to be much more different than before. Moreover, even in conversations they had with other parents, they shared the knowledge gained through this training and they provoked the desire of other parents to be part of the trainings or sessions with the new groups of parents.
Positive Discipline is an approach to education that guides the child’s behaviour at the same time by respecting their right to a safe environment, protection from violence and participation in their education.
Trainings on positive discipline in daily parenting will also be implemented this year and the following years with parents in different municipalities and schools in the framework of "Our Future Determination - Child Protection and the Rights of the Child" program implemented by Syri i Vizionit in partnership with Save the Children Office in Kosovo.