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ROR Group drafted its action plan for this year


Prishtinë 16-17 April - Through a two-day workshop held by Syri i Vizionit in partnership with Save the Children, the children of ROR (Respect Our Right) Monitoring Group drafted a work plan for this year. The plan in question aims to raise voices of these children in different areas.

The work plan focuses on four priority areas for this year, such as promotion of this group to local and national level institutions, organizations working children and in the field child protection/rights, children and parents.

Advocating for direct involvement of children in drafting of national and local policies, exercise of the rights guaranteed by legislation and improvement of the position of children in society remains another important field.

Protection of children from different phenomena is one of the other areas of importance that the children of ROR Group will get engaged in demanding more responsibility and accountability from institutions mandated with protection of children.

At the same time, the fourth field is protection and promotion of the rights of children with special needs, where the ROR Group will get engaged in raising the awareness of whole society, not only of the institutions for the rights and needs of children with special needs, wherever they have many way more professional services by the part of public services and the use of public spaces. In addition to the work plan focusing on these four areas, four work committees have been created within the ROR Group: Committee for Monitoring of Textbooks and New Curriculum, Committee on Friendly Budgeting with Participation of Children, the Committee for Promoting the Work of ROR Group Promotion and Commiteee for Monitoring the Work Plan for this year.

Secretariat of this Group, which will be involved in implementation of the groups’ regulation as well as obligations and responsibilities of the group, was also selected in this working meeting.

This workshop was held in the framework of the thematic program in the field of child protection and child rights governance "Our Obligation for the Future - Child Protection and the Child Rights Governance", implemented by Syri i Vizionit organization, in partnership with Save the Children, Kosovo Office.

The ROR (Respect Our Rights) group was established by the non-governmental organization "Syri i Vizionit" and "Save the Children" in the framework of the program "Governance with children’s rights - Monitoring the Convention on the Rights of the Child". This Group is composed of 24 children from different municipalities of Kosovo, ages 14-17, of all communities, including children with disabilities.