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Workshops with commission for opening complaints boxes in Gjilan and Prizren held


Gjilan, Prizren, April 26 - Within the thematic program in the field of child protection and child rights governance “Our Future Determination - Child Protection and Governance of Children Rights" that is being implemented now for several years, in partnership with Save the Children, Kosovo Office, Syri i Vizionit held a one-day workshop with the commission for opening complaints boxes in primary and lower secondary schools "Selami Hallaqi" and "Thimi Mitko" in Gjilan and "Ibrahim Fehmiu "and "Haziz Tolaj"in Prizren.

Apart from the members of the commission for opening of the complaint boxes, the chairmen of the board of directors and directors of these schools also attended these workshops.

Purpose of these workshops was to build professional capacity of the commission for opening of complaint boxes, handling and addressing of the outcomes from the box in a more professional way, and increase trust of students, parents, pedagogical and technical staff on these boxes.

School directors spoke about the improvements that were made in their schools in terms of bettering the hygiene, discipline and eliminating some of the inadequate behaviors for the school either by teachers, technical workers, pupils themselves, and in some cases even parents.

While members of the commission for opening the box also spoke about the challenges and achievements they had during this new school year 2017/2018. According to them, the schools strongly needed re-functionalizing of the box and structuring the commission for opening the box.

All participants welcomed the fact that thanks to the box, it has been possible to identify and prevent many phenomena, behaviors and expressions that do not coincide with the school, and there have been a decrease in complaints due to actions taken by the Steering Council and the School Director after receiving the report from box opening commission.

Nevertheless, in addition to the complaints, there were also requests, proposals and praises for school and school management by children and students, and in some cases by their parents, too.

The complaint box in these schools is alreadyseen as a friendly mechanism for communication of pupils, parents, teachers and others with the school management and this has been achieved thanks to the promotional campaign that was carried out by the commission for opening of the complaint box in cooperation with the Steering Council, school directors, class custodians and class teachers.

Participants of this workshop also expressed their gratitude for the work and engagement of the organizations Syri i Vizionit and Save the Children, Kosovo Office, and requested and suggested that such a work methodology of the complaint box in this case is extended to other schools. Similar workshops will also be held in the municipalities of Pejë, Gjakovë and Klinë.