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Teachers trained on Career Orientation


Pejë, May 05/06 - 24 teachers from Pejë municipality have been trained on teaching career orientation.  A part of them, who already teach this subject in their schools as electives, and others who hold it within the curriculum field “Life and Work” during the training have followed the training model and the appropriate preparations for the implementation of this course in schools, mainly focusing on lower secondary schools.

Classes 6-9 are the period when the first career decision is made by deciding on secondary education and this is the time when students and their families need the right information to reach the best decision.

The career orientation model developed by GIZ consists of five steps: self-recognition, information, schooling paths, real meetings and decision-making.

As of 2011 Syri i Vizionit has been engaged in projects that aimed at adapting schools to support young people in increasing employment opportunities.

The Prokarriera project is supported by Solidar Suisse and during 2018 it is focused on empowering parents and providing them an active role in supporting children in terms of education and careers.