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Debate held on the International Children's Day occasion


Istog, June 03 - On the occasion of marking the International Children's Day “June 1st”, the nongovernmental organization Syri i Vizionit from Pejë, in the framework of SIMRAES II project, organized the debate "What do you do for me?" with the local institutions mandated with child protection and provision of public services for them.

The debate aimed to raise awareness of children about the work, responsibilities and obligations that institutions have towards them, as well as the empowerment of the school with these institutions.

Officials from the Directorate of Education, Office for Human Rights, Police, Centre for Labour and Social Welfare, the Ombudsperson’s Institution - Pejë Office, school management, teachers and parents, as well as students of the lower secondary elementary school Martin Camaj in Gurrakoc and separate satellite classes in Llukafc i Thatë.

During the debate, institutions presented their work, obligations and role in protection of children. They expressed their readiness, welcomed questions from students, and explained all the cases separately, same as what can be undertaken and ways to solve them.

This debate was organized under the project “EU Support to the Implementation of the Strategy for Integration of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Communities 2- Education for Integration” (called EU SIMRAES 2), implemented by KFOS in partnership with seven organizations, among which Syri i Vizionit and KEC in the Municipality of Istog and is financially supported by the European Union.