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Another 300 food packages for families of Roma, Egyptian and Ashkali communities


Syri i Vizionit in cooperation with the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS), have helped about 300 families of Roma, Egyptian and Ashkali communities in the "7 Shtatori" neighbourhood and Vitomirica village in the municipality of Peja with food packages, thus mitigating at least their economic and social situation in overcoming the situation with pandemic.

Distribution of emergency packages has been done door to door by the staff of our organization.

Very special attention has constantly been paid to the strict implementation of all rules, such as non-gathering of persons, keeping social distance and the use of appropriate equipment - gloves, masks and disinfectants, thus protecting both our staff and beneficiaries of these packages.

About 400 families of these communities were helped even before by Syri i Vizionit and KFOS with 1,100 emergency packages for children aged 0-3 years and families in need in these two localities.

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About 400 families from the Roma, Egyptian and Ashkali communities helped with emergency packages for families and children