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The Career Centre, Kitchen Cabinet and Library inaugurated in “Ali Hadri” school


Syri i Vizionit organization in cooperation with the Economic High School “Ali Hadri” in Peja organize the “Job Fair” which will be held from 26 to 01 June 2021. This activity aims to closely inform parents, ninth graders, associates, businesses and anyone else who is interested with the school, its facilities, activity, directions as well as the employment and career development opportunities it offers to young students.


Meanwhile, today, 26 May, in the presence of the Ministry of Education, the Directorate of Education and many collaborators of this school, the Career Center, Kitchen Cabinet and the Library were inaugurated. They are supported by the SEED Phase III project, which is implemented by the Volkshilfe Solidaritat and Syri i Vizionit organization with funding from the Austrian Development Agency - ADA.


The new spaces inaugurated today will be an important support which will affect the professional development of both students and teachers at the school. The Kitchen Cabinet and the restaurant hall will enable students and teachers to do practical work within the school premises. This will increase students’ skills in the field of hospitality and tourism and the preparation of much needed professional staff for this sector. Meanwhile, the Library will serve as a space in which school students will have the opportunity to enrich their knowledge further.


On the other hand, the Career Center will support the school in orienting students to careers by providing counselling on the most demanded professions as well as advising them on harnessing their potential to achieve their career aspirations. This Center will cooperate with businesses by reaching internship agreements and opening new profiles as per the labor market demands. It will also promote the school in fairs, social networks, primary schools, various activities and will track/follow up students even after completing their secondary education. 

Use the “Job Fairs” as an opportunity to get to know the “Ali Hadri” school better.