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Over 50 job applications at the Job Fair in Peja


Peja, 18 May – “Syri i Vizionit” organization in partnership with “The Balkan Forum” and the Municipality of Istog have held the Job Fair in Peja, within the project “Empowerment and employment of young people, women and other vulnerable groups in five municipalities of Kosovo”, which is funded by the European Union.

 The aim of the fair was to promote different businesses which provide employment opportunities for the target groups and to link job seekers with employers in the municipalities of Peja, Istog, Klina, Deçan and Junik. A similar fair will be held on Thursday, May 19, in Istog.

The fair was attended by over 25 manufacturing businesses, factories, gastronomy, shopping malls, individual businesses, and various organizations that deal with the sector of training staff and the labor market. They received over 50 job applications from fair visitors, mostly young people, but also women and people with disabilities.

 The Director of Social Welfare, Albulena Mujaj-Bajraktari said: “Peja and all municipalities need such programs and fairs which promote employment opportunities for women, youth, and other groups. The Municipality of Peja pledges that it will constantly be a supportive arm for programs such as this one with ‘Syri i Vizionit’.”

On the other hand, Veton Mujaj, Executive Director of the NGO “Syri i Vizionit” said that this job fair aims to link employers with job seekers, especially from marginalized groups, women, young people, people with disabilities, and minority communities that live in five municipalities of the Peja region. In addition to thanking the municipalities for their support, he encouraged visitors from secondary schools to see their future perspectives and to orient their higher education towards the needs of the labour market.

 “Many persons from vulnerable groups who have not been registered in the Employment Offices or have not had information about the role and importance of these Offices have already been registered and through these offices, they have been enabled to continue their vocational training in Vocational Training Centres, internships, business grants and grants for social start-up enterprises,” said Mujaj.