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Community groups in Peja, Istog, Klina and Rahovec supported with grants


03 June - Peja. The solemn ceremony of awarding the fourth grant was held within the project “Community Engagement and Support for Living after Covid-19”, which is implemented by the nongovernmental organization “Syri i Vizionit” in the municipalities of Peja, Istog, Klina and Rahovec.

The project aims to promote and strengthen communication, dialogue and interethnic cooperation in the community, which will enable and improve the wellbeing of residents in these municipalities. The activities of this project aim to revive community engagement and strengthen inter-ethnic cooperation through the implementation of joint projects. After the establishment of groups from all communities, together with the officials of the Offices for Communities in the respective municipalities, the needs of the communities were assessed and the project proposals submitted by the working groups, considered as economically sustainable, were financially supported.

As a result, community groups in the municipality of Peja have been supported with machines to produce food products (ajvar and fruits), in the municipality of Istog with a line for the production of honeycombs, in Klina with the development of beekeeping, and in the municipality of Rahovec with equipment for cleaning private and commercial buildings. The grants amount to about 4,500 euros and will help develop the economy and social welfare.

The activities carried out and the support of the communities with grants have been made possible thanks to the financial assistance provided by the United Nations Mission in Kosovo - UNMIK.