think globally,
act locally

Call for Volunteers and Members

Syri i Vizionit is an organization that accomplishes local actions based on best practices. The Organization's Mission is to support the community through information, advocacy, awareness and capacity building of individuals, informal groups, organizations, institutions, networks and donors

To accomplish its Mission and Vision above, Syri i Vizionit implements a collaborative and open approach with its partners, stakeholders, beneficiaries, members and its numerous volunteers.

With the extension of actions and expansion of the Organization, the need for systematization and increase of volunteers and members has emerged; therefore we are calling on people of all age-groups, with any skill they possess, to contribute to a lasting change for the place we are living in.

Based on the Organization's values, which among others include: Respect for everyone without difference; team work and helping one another; space for volunteers to act; trust and accountability; collaborative approach, and comprehensiveness, we call on you to apply for Volunteers or Members of our Organization in order for you to be part of the changes in our society.

Volunteer By being a non-political, unbiased and people centric organisation, Syri i Vizionit ensures that your efforts are directed in most substantive way and that they reach those in need of your engagement.

We provide several ways of volunteering in projects and various projects for students, interns, researchers, groups, individuals, and anybody who is interested in putting his/her efforts for the wellbeing of our society.

By registering as a volunteer, you become part of a group engaged in these activities and a step closer to the organization.
Member "Syri i Vizionit" enables its members to also bring the values they represent to the organization, it engages for addressing these right causes further and joins the voice coming from the community they represent

Membership is a high level of representation of the citizen within the organization; it is a step that makes you a decision-maker within the organization, part of its development. This, automatically gives you an advantage in engagements in campaigns and projects that Syri i Vizionit implements.

We, at Syri i Vizionit, pay a special importance to implementation of best practices; therefore, help us and yourself to change this place for the better!