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2015 Projects

During 2015 Syri i Vizionit implemented about 15 projects with donors and powerful international organizations that have supported projects of our organization from which thousands of Kosovo citizens benefit. SiV worked with projects funded by the European Commission, USAID, Olaf Palme Center, Solidar Suisse, Save the Children, etc. as permanent contributors over the years and other donors that contribute from time to time.

With a staff of about 20 persons engaged in projects, Syri i Vizionit implemented 12 bigger projects and activities, campaigns same as smaller projects in line with the programs that Syri i Vizionit has.

The following projects that started in the last two years were at their implementation phase during this year:
1. “Defend your property”, an awareness campaign on property and heritage, with the support of ATRC/USAID 2014-2015,
2. “Fulfillment of EU requests on good governance for further European integration of Kosovo” in partnership with KIPRED and funding from the European Commission,
3. “SEED Kosovo - Support of Educational and Employment Development” in partnership with Solidar Suisse and Volkshilfe and financial support by ADA, 2014-2016.

Seven other projects from the earlier years and new one-year project also had their continuity:
1. Active Citizenship, with the support of Olof Palme Center,
2. Child rights governance – Monitoring implementation of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, with the support of Save the Children,
3. Child rights governance – Strengthening of Children’s Municipal Assemblies, with the support of Save the Children,
4. Child protection, with the support of Save the Children,
5. “Mismatch”, support for vocational education of Pejë, with the support of Solidar Suisse,
6. Social dialogue in the milk sector, with the support of Solidar Suisse.
7. Continuation in the anti-corruption network of regional countries SELDI- civil society for better governance and anti-corruption, a Balkans network with the support of European Commission. 

A new and very important project that was implemented by our organization in the 2015-2016 is “Agro-Tourism business and infrastructure support to enhance and promote Istog's economic development business potentials and generate growth and sustainable jobs for better future” with the support of European Commission.

During the year we were also implementing other projects such as “Let us stay for few moments together in the dark” with the support of European Commission through the “Culture for all – phase III” program, support of children camp in Fidanishte neighborhood, campaign on petition for visa liberalization, etc.